About Me

Hi! I'm Grace, a mixed media artist.

During my academic journey, I achieved a first-class degree in textile design, specialising in embroidery and focused my final major project on the captivating world of coral. It was during this project that I developed a strong desire to craft my own beads and coral sculptures, which ultimately laid the foundation for my future.

When the pandemic struck, like many recent graduates, I encountered limited career opportunities. Rather than being disheartened, I embraced this challenge as an opportunity to forge my own path and thus, Grace Oliver Designs was born!

Looking back, the initial lockdown proved to be a blessing in disguise. Despite the difficulties faced in 2020, establishing my own business allowed me to channel my creativity and bring my imaginative ideas to life. Thanks to the unwavering support from my family and customers, I have been able to nurture and expand my business while creating one-of-a-kind designs.

Now, I am following my dreams, rekindling my love for creating art and exploring the countless ideas within my creative mind.